The Next Level Executive Retreat

The three-day executive retreat is designed with you in mind. Our schedule utilizes a time-management program allowing for maximum impact for each participant. In fact, although there will typically be two additional participants, you will feel as if you are the only one.

Each day is broken down by objectives and solutions, with the ultimate goal a true understanding how your company will benefit immediately from what you will take away. And this is only the beginning because opportunities exist for regular follow-up with Coach Katz, you're never a phone call or personal meeting away from the guidance to keep you on track. Your business will NEVER be the same again.

Day 1: Arrival in Charleston
Transportation to the luxurious HarbourView Inn
Refresh from travel, then escorted to The Harbour Club an intimate, private meeting room where THE PROCESS™ begins.
Presentation of Case Study
Our first day together begins with each of you reading your "case study." These introspective, detail-oriented presentations will be completed before your arrival in Charleston and are to be submitted to Coach Katz at least 2 weeks prior to the Executive Retreat for his complete review and analysis. We've made the process easy by providing all the questions. A copy of this necessary form may be found here
Separating Issues from Symptoms
Once all three presentations are made and a general understanding of the similarities between the three companies is achieved, the next phase involves separating issues from symptoms; a classic mistake that has stopped progress in far too many companies. The ability to truly understand the difference in these two topics is a learned skill and one that will benefit you for the rest of your business life. This knowledge alone may be worth your entire cost of attendance and is considered on of Coach Katz' specialties.
Critical Issues
The balance of day one will be spent understanding and identifying Critical Issues and how these issues will become a central theme for the remainder of the retreat, and in your new daily awareness back home. Critical Issues, though broad in scope, are those roadblocks that force many business owners to spend valuable time putting out fires and dealing with situations that don't bring anything positive to the table. You may be amazed at how much time you waste putting out fires. Coach Katz will demonstrate how you can change your thinking and, subsequently, immediately improve your bottom line.
Five Star Dining
As this Executive Retreat is built on the foundation of successfully mixing business with pleasure, we now adjourn until 7:00 and reconvene at one of Charleston's most historic and beloved restaurants, High Cotton. Click HERE to whet your appetite.
Following dinner feel free to explore Charleston at night, but don't stay up too late. Day 2 will be an eye-opener and you'll want to be fresh.
End Day 1

Day 2: A Pivotal Day
More Critical Issues and Solutions
Our second day begins with a continued analysis of critical issues, combined with a more detailed strategy for addressing your solutions. Throughout this phase you will learn how to think clearer and gain an awareness of how analyzing and controlling your internal and external issues.
By our mid-morning break, all attending executives will look at one another from a common-interest standpoint. In other words, you'll understand that you are not alone and that your problems are the same problems that everyone else is dealing with. Coach Katz calls this "the great equalizer" and it forms a bond between clients that will enhance the afternoon session. Next up, the revelation of sub-issues discovered during THE PROCESS™ which will help you identify immediate and necessary solutions.
Lunch served at The Harbour Club
Our afternoon session begins with an overview and discussion of your assigned reading; "A Journey with Mac," Coach Katz's newest book, which you will receive and be expected to read before your arrival in Charleston. Through group discussion the real-world business challenges presented in this critically acclaimed resource will create an understanding of the commonality of issues that affect all businesses. The realization that you are not alone and the reasons you have been held back from achieving the levels of success you know you are capable of, will become apparent.
At this point all parties should be on common ground and the time for group analysis of key issues and solutions begins. We've "peeled the onion" to get closer to core matters of importance and will isolate the real issues that need to be addressed. The group, with Coach Katz, now puts a plan in place for you that includes:
Creation of an Action Plan, a timeframe for instituting change
Including: What, How, Who and When
  • Understanding Expectations
  • Creating Benchmarks
  • Establishing Accountability
  • Prioritizing
  • and Closure (Closing the loop on each of the actions to be taken).
Coach Katz and the group will now summarize each company and provide a TOTAL PICTURE of what was learned and how this knowledge will be implemented into your own company. Your summary will be personally converted into a detailed report by Coach Katz and presented to you soon after you've returned home from the retreat.
Five Star Dining
Mixing business with pleasure is something Charlestonian's do well. Tonight we venture to Cypress Lowcountry Grille one of our cities finest and most eclectic restaurants. No doubt the conversation tonight will be filled with enthusiasm for implementing what you've already learned…but we're not done yet.
End Day 2

Day 3: Final Day
Coach Al Katz is also a certified DISC instructor and our Day 3 morning session will be devoted to giving each attending executive an opportunity to self-discover their individual behavioral styles. The DISC program is referred to as "the original, oldest, most validated and reliable personal assessment used by more than 50 million people to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork and communication." In a nutshell, this experience will tell you things about yourself that you never knew and open your eyes to how others see and perceive you. This fascinating and personal process may very well change your life and the lives of those you interact with.
Working lunch
Coach Al Katz has worked with over 600 companies and today's lunch will be attended by a select client who has been where you are. The chosen client will have already experienced the same issues you are facing and will openly communicate how Coach Katz and THE PROCESS™ changed the face of their business for the better. Plenty of Q &: A will make this a highlight of the Executive Retreat. But, it gets better…
The final session of the retreat will begin at the offices of the same client who joined us for lunch. Now, not only have we discussed critical issues in a relaxed and personal setting, but we will see first-hand how solutions have been implemented. We'll tour the facility, meet the staff and key executives and show you what you can expect when you return home. This is also a tremendous networking opportunity.
Once the afternoon session is complete, you will have plenty to digest. And although you will return home with new ideas and tools learned at the retreat, you also have a valuable resource in Coach Katz who can assist you in building on this foundation; working directly with your company to implement what you've experienced and ensure you reach The Next Level™.
End Day 3

Executive Retreat Coach Katz

Though the Executive Retreat is by invitation only, the criteria are that you must provide a case study of your company (click here for instructions on developing your Executive Retreat case study, as well as our questionnaire) so that Al will know which other companies (dealing with the same issues) to place you with. In this way, virtually every minute of your time at The Next Level Retreat will bring value to your business.

Remember, each invitation is good for one executive and spouse or companion to attend our world class dinners. Though these individuals are not invited to attend any of the business sessions or tours of facilities, we will provide a detailed list of Charleston attractions and introductions to a host of activities. There's plenty to do in our fair city and the word of the day for your guest may be "relax."

Pricing structure


Includes your complete Charleston experience once you arrive. Transportation to and from Charleston is your responsibility, but once you arrive we take care of everything!

Payment policy:

25% upon acceptance

Balance paid 1 week prior submitted with case study.

Cancellations less than one week prior forfeit deposit. Last minute cancellations forfeit entire fee.

a journey with mac by Al Katz