The Next Level Human Resources

The most important resource that any organization has is its people. Most assets are amortized or depreciated on the books. What impacts all other assets is the individuals that work with you, and for you. It is truly amazing how little time is spent in the development of these associates.

"Let them sink or swim" or "they'll figure it out" or "it's their job–that's what I am paying them for" are all comments that have been heard; sometimes too frequently. The truth of the matter is many employers pay for and receive mediocre performances. Some will even give raises and this continues to further reward mediocrity. This concept is costly but not nearly as costly as turnover.

Notice, there is no mention of salary as an issue. In numerous surveys salary is always in the top five "needs" but seldom is it number one. Rewarding your employees does not have to only come out of the check book.