The Next Level Strategic Planning & Budgeting

Would you take a cross country trip by car without a road map or cover your car's instrument panel? Neither would we. Yet many companies will say we do not need a plan (map) nor do we use a budget (dashboard). Often entrepreneurs, owners, principals feel overwhelmed with thinking about planning and budgeting. Without these two guiding principles anything that is accomplished is okay, since there is nothing really to measure against.

Without strategic planning and budgeting there is little to no focus for the business, there is an excessive amount of duplication and redundancy and there are profit leaks all over the organization. Fires crop up daily and the culture becomes adapt at putting out the fires but gains little experience in creating a proactive and nurturing environment.

Understanding the fundamentals of your financial statements gives you an edge in managing your business. Not the debits and credits but concepts.

“Why won't the bank increase my loan?”
“How do I anticipate my cash needs?”
“What does it take to reduce debt?”
“What do I have to do not to personally guarantee my company's loans?”
“How do I know if I am doing well?”

These are some of the questions that have been directed our way and resolved to create success and less stress for the individual and the organization.

Strategic planning and budgeting for your specific needs is a fast track for having fun and being rewarded for accomplishing your goals.


"We were expending tons of energy and time in areas that were not strategic. The Next Level helped our company to align our strategic plan with our day to day activities, and track our progress. What we learned was that there is a big difference between perceived process improvement verses actual process improvement. I would refer The Next Level to any company aspiring to improve their productivity and profitability."

– Allen Gantt, President, The Fermoy Group, Charlotte, NC

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