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"Al Katz brings a fresh perspective, focus, and a strategic approach to growing your business. We have more than doubled our sales in the past year, thanks to Al and The Next Level."

- Brandon Lutes, Owner, Lutes Property Services and Med-Com Construction

"Al's insight and business knowledge have proved invaluable to my growth, both personally and professionally. Al isn't your typical "business consultant." He's really a personal coach who, first, helps you discover the best within yourself. Then he helps you develop the tools to take your business to the next level."

- Pierre Manigault, Chairman of the Board, Charleston Post and Courier

"I was fortunate enough to meet Al at a social gathering one evening. It was quite the chance encounter and after a short discussion that evening I remembered one thing that he said for days. "People tend to complicate things. Just keep it simple. Keep your business simple and you will be successful." Fast forward three months later after an intensive review of our operations, certain effective self-examinations that built trust and cohesion with our team and our company was on track to the Next Level. I can attest to two things that Al will do for you at a minimum. He will force you to focus on what you should be focusing on and to avoid those things that you should not be focusing on. Al is fond of saying that the hardest thing for companies to do is to say "no" to that random idea that will deplete the company of resources and time when they should be doubling their efforts on what they are actually good at. I would recommend Al to any organization that is treading water, suffers from dysfunction or is just flat lining but has the discipline and energy to take his analyses and suggestions to heart and burns to get to that next level."

–Robert Pucciariello, Partner, Gramercy Atelier

“I found Al at a pivotal crossroad with my business. I really felt unable to control "the beast" that was my business. While enjoying success and growth with our company, we were lacking in the fundamentals. This created an atmosphere that was very inefficient and difficult to manage. To sum it up, I was having a hard time finding the joy within my work until Al came in and helped us.
Al helped implement some tried and true business ideas that have really helped shape our company as we moved forward. We have all heard these ideas, but Al showed me how to actually incorporate them into my existing business. These shifts within our company helped free me up to be able to work ON my business rather than IN it as I had for the last 15 years. As others have mentioned, Al is more than a business consultant, he is a business and life coach. His encouraging words and advice were always uplifting and helped during moments of struggle.
What I most appreciated from my time with Al were the questions he asked. You can't argue with the truth and the truth surfaced through our conversations. That truth is leading me down exciting roads for new business opportunities. These ideas didn't feel obtainable prior to Al coming in so I never entertained them. Al showed me how to enjoy my work again, and for that I am forever grateful.”

–Peyton Avrett, Owner, Avrett Inc.

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"Al Katz and his rock solid advice have served as the cornerstone for me and my business during these turbulent economic times. Having been in the commercial real estate business for over 17 years, I found myself at a critical crossroads at the end of 2009. I needed someone to look at my business, understand my objectives, and coach me through the process. Al came in and guided me through that endeavor. The results have been outstanding and certainly beyond my expectations. Al is a great coach, business mind and I am proud to say, a great friend."

- E. David Grubbs, Jr., Managing Principal, NAI Avant Charleston, LLC

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"Working with Al, we were able to take a step back and look at our business and our lives in a much different way. He took us through “The Process” and by the end, we had the mental tools and the belief needed to grow the business."

"I can safely say, by working with Al, we have saved ourselves many hard years of learning what it takes to run a great business. The simplest solutions are the most apt and Al showed us that in all scenarios that approach should be the same.”

- Richard Krenmayer, Chairman and CEO, Stasmayer Inc.

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"Al, you have been a huge help confirming many things that I have felt for a long time. I always believe that it is a positive thing to bring in a professional to answer questions and give another prospective outside of the 'family box.' And you have done just that! I thank you for everything."

- Penny Vaigneur, Owner, Copper Penny of Charleston

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"When I first met Al Katz he was giving a presentation on "succession planning" at the Family Business Form quarterly meeting. Ten minutes into his presentation, I realized everything he was saying was directly relevant to my business situation and future retirement.

For forty years I have been the second generation owner and operator of East Cooper Paint & Body Shop Inc. and have always dreamed of retirement and enjoying my "golden years." However, I did no planning to ensure a successful transition of responsibilities and ownership to my son who has been working in the business for the past ten years. Those of you involved in small family owned businesses can appreciate the "family dynamics" involved in a family business and my son and I certainly had more than our share.

As I listened to Al's presentation the light came on and I realized I needed to do something if I expected my upcoming retirement to become a reality. I knew Al had the knowledge to help my business, I just hoped he had the understanding and personality to make the connection with me and especially my son.

After six months working with Al, my son and I are finally on the "same page" with our vision for our business. Now we have a "succession plan" in place to ensure a successful transition of responsibilities and ownership to the third generation of our company."

-Steve Ballentine, Owner & Operator, East Cooper Paint and Body Shop, Inc.

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"The Next Level has honestly taken my business to "the next level". Al's ability to quickly analyze my current business model, introduce sound business practices , and develop new revenue sources has reinvented my business. I am so rejuvenated about the planned growth of our operations. Al's uncanny ability to provide the necessary support to business owners is essential to "making magic happen"! He has "that touch" that provides me with confidence, ease, and a renewed passion for growing the profit of my business in a systematic way. Thank you Al Katz."

- Christine Osborne, Owner and President of Wonder Works

"Sincere appreciation goes out to Al Katz for being such a superb motivational coach. What our sales associates learned and have put into practice has truly taken Gwynn's of Mt. Pleasant to the next level. Understanding the customer in a new light has enabled our business to reach new heights. The improvements implemented in our inventory control system have greatly improved our bottom line. I would highly recommend Al and The Next Level to anyone wishing to improve their business."

- Marshall Simon, Jr., President, Gwynn's of Mt. Pleasant

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"Al's capability to provide a bird's eye view of a business is a skill to be admired. I had reached a decisive juncture with respect to my existing business structure and needed someone with Al’s knowledge base and analytical abilities to provide sound advice and recommendations. He played a significant role in helping me to make some tough decisions necessary to put my business in the best position to move forward. I have enjoyed working with Al and consider him a good friend as well as a business associate that I will continue to utilize in the future."

- TJ Parsell, Restaurant Owner of Magnolia, Blossoms and Cypress, Charleston SC

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"Our company met Al Katz after a Family Business Council meeting where he was the presenter and it was fortunate my wife came to the meeting that day. She was impressed with his presentation on how to effect generational transfers of Family Businesses. He brought up many points that we as business owners had never considered especially now that our children are grown and beginning families of their own. Al's lifetime of business experience, firm yet easygoing and engaging style helped our family deal with a subject that was completely unknown to us. He is the first to say, “It's a process that really never ends.” We found his involvement to be just what we needed to begin engaging in family discussions of when and how the business can successfully transition to the next generation. All businesses either are sold or transferred to another generation or come to an end. It is reassuring to have someone who understands the process to be part of that discussion and help keep it on track. Our family would enthusiastically recommend Al Katz."

- Rex Atkinson, Atkinson Pool and Spas

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" Under the guidance of The Next Level and Al Katz, my partners and I were able to take our growing company and effectively apply our core values and business principles in a people centered environment. Al showed us how to lead our people and not just manage them during an important transitional time. All companies who experience growth have key associates who fear change. Al strategically showed us how to implement the necessary changes by working beyond our fears. As a result, we are able to have a strong balance of leading our company's growth through its people while giving us the ability to meet our personal goals. Al showed us that it doesn't have to an all or nothing atmosphere. A balance in the workplace can be achieved and we did it!"

- David Miller, Owner and Partner, The Kickin Chicken and Rita's Restaurant Group

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"At 56 years old I was not looking forward to trying to find a new job in this quote "doom and gloom" job market. After meeting with Al Katz, tweaking my resume, and applying his "indirect" networking approach, I have done 10+ interviews and I am negotiating offers with 3 different possible employers. Thanks to Al for believing in me and helping me believe in myself. With his help and encouragement, this process has not only been rewarding but also fun to do. Al makes you feel that you can make a difference, what more could you ask for? Thanks again for your help."

- Lewis Lee, Mt. Pleasant, SC

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"Bottom line: Al Katz cares. His thoughtful assessment and guidance has us work better as a team to be more efficient and productive."

-Vince Graham, President, Civitas and the I'on Group

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"Al Katz and the concepts that he has developed at The Next Level have deeply impacted our business. At first, his techniques seem to be both familiar and obvious, however, with time we have learned that each step in the process has a profound impact on the way we are doing business. His business coaching style combined with his focus on planning, communication, and personal development have made our company a much more effective organization."

- Maybank Hagood, President/CEO, Southern Diversified Distributors, Inc., William M. Bird and Co., Inc.

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"Al, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you have done and are continuing to do for me and everyone at GDC. The Position Development Plans and accountability in my view are the ‘piece de resistance’ and will have a major impact. Hopefully then I will be on track towards becoming the Al Katz of the home decorating business!"

- Harry Gregorie, President, GDC, Inc., Charleston, SC

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"It has been my distinct pleasure to have been well acquainted with Al Katz for over ten years - first as a client of his when he worked with my former law firm, then as a friend as we worked together closely, then as a business colleague as we worked co-operatively to try to assist each other and to cross market our respective services, and finally as a client of mine. Al's unique interpersonal skills enables him to be singularly effective in dealing both with groups and with individuals. He has a superb ability for listening and then discerning rapidly group dynamics, individual personality make ups, as well as individual and group resources, capabilities, and needs. He capably facilitates enhanced communications and fosters co-operative efforts. I have seen Al in action on numerous occasions and believe that he is the best at what he does, i.e. business coaching. Any owner, manager, team leader, or group wishing to improve the quality of the team effort / interaction, performance and quality of results would be well advised to consider using the services of Al Katz and his firm, The Next Level. I have spoken with a number of Al's clients who both share my admiration of his skills and have experienced the beneficial results of having utilized his services."

- Thomas Waring, Partner, Moore & Van Allen, PLLC, Charleston, South Carolina

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"Time is the most important investment I can make. The time my team spent with The Next Level has been our singular best investment. Al Katz and "THE PROCESS" have provided invaluable training and leadership which has already shown benefit to our bottom line."

- Michael P. Murphy, CEO, Global Building Solutions, Charleston, SC

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"We have tried several techniques to help our business grow, but nothing ever really worked until we listened to the master of business coaches, Al Katz. He can see what you can’t, and if you will implement what he says, your revenues will only increase."

- Albert Clayton Gaulden, Director, The Sedona Intensive, and Scott Carney, Co-Director, The Sedona Intensive, Sedona, AZ

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Al is great! An extraordinary communicator, he enabled us to reconnect with our personal ideals and integrate them into our business strategy. By focusing on measurable results and executions we have expanded the business and have never felt better about what we do."

- Robert and Amanda Manning, Carolina FoodPros, Charleston, SC

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"We were expending tons of energy and time in areas that were not strategic. The Next Level helped our company to align our strategic plan with our day to day activities, and track our progress. What we learned was that there is a big difference between perceived process improvement verses actual process improvement. I would refer The Next Level to any company aspiring to improve their productivity and profitability."

- Allen Gantt, President, The Fermoy Group, Charlotte, NC

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"Working with Al was an eye-opener for our company. He brought efficiency and organizational issues to our attention, and then prompted us to solve them in a manner that worked within the existing structure of the company. The results are still being realized on a daily basis."

- Stephen Herlong, President, Herlong & Associates Inc. AIA, Isle of Palms, SC,

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"Al, I really appreciate all that you have done over the past year to assist Utilities in its Mission. You have helped clarify our process, and brought some discipline to our methods of business. Thank you for that and for your great assistance."

- James C. Murray, President-CEO, Utilities Construction Co. Inc., North Charleston, SC

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"Al Katz is an expert in discerning how you and others process and communicate information. Al’s seminar is a ‘must’ for couples who want to hone their business, family, and personal communication skills."

- Harris and Fran Morrissette, YPO Meeting Chairs, Telluride, CO

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"Consultants large and small have come and gone! But Al has been "the best coach" a team could find. The positives are there, processes are set, communication has clarity, direction is going forward, and budgets are in place and results better than planned. Business and personal life has so much more clarity and direction. HAVING AL'S ASSOCIATION HAS BEEN THE BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE FOR THE SUCCESS OF BUNCH TRANSPORT, INC. AND MY PERSONAL LIFE. TRULY A BLESSING!"

- Rich Bundschuh, President, Bunch Transport, Inc., Summerville, SC

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"Al has a terrific record of guiding entrepreneurs to reach the next level of corporate development, without which the enterprise will not succeed. He did this for which we are most grateful."

-Gayle Averyt, Chairman, Colonial Life, Member of the Board of Directors,, Charleston, SC

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"Working with Al Katz and understanding his professional approach to business has truly strengthened NBI. We have benefited from his sensible approach to effective communication and customer service. I would recommend his service to any company looking to improve its position in the marketplace."

- Andrews E Groves, Jr. - V.P. Newton Builders, Inc.

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Hi Al,

I wanted to give you some feedback on 317 King Shooz. The sales have definitely improved which is great!!!

I thank you for your help and wanted you to know how well your recommended changes have turned things around!

–Best regards, Penny - Shooz


Dear Future Next Level Alumni Member,

"I bet at this point you are thinking about whether to make an investment. That's right, you are pondering an investment. While it isn't in a piece of machinery or software, it's in an area of your business that is even more valuable than that. This is an investment in building your business planning and management muscle.

I met Al Katz through a vendor that I trust and we were in the same position you are in right now. We had a great potential in our company, but something was missing. Working with Al, we were able to take a step back and look at our business and our lives in a much different way. He took us through "The Process" and by the end, we had the mental tools and the belief needed to grow the business.

I can safely say, by working with Al, we have saved ourselves many hard years of learning what it takes to run a great business. The simplest solutions are the most apt and Al showed us that in all scenarios that approach should be the same.

While you are contemplating if you should go through "The Process" with Al Katz, feel free to reach out to me. I will be happy to discuss more in depth any inquires you might have."

– Richard J. Krenmayer - Chairman/CEO Stasmayer, Incorporated