The Next Level What's in it for YOU?

Simply put, you will achieve your desired results - reach your goals in less time while experiencing an enjoyable endeavor. Yes, you will even have more fun with less stress!

Isn't that a dream that we all have? Then why is it so difficult? The real questions to be asked are:

  • What is going on in my business or organization that does not give me the results I work so hard to achieve?
  • Why won't my employees do what I ask them to do?
  • Why am I so tired at the end of the day?
  • I am working harder but why is my bottom line staying flat?
  • Why do I leave my desk to go home but I cannot get the business out of my head?
  • Why do I have to do all the work? I pay top dollar to have decisions made by others yet I am the one who stays late and am saddled with what we need to do.
  • How in the world will I retire? I have spent twenty three years growing this business and what do I have to show?

These are real questions from real clients. If any of these have crossed your mind we can help you find the answers. Again, our experience is not from a textbook or handbook given out at a workshop but from true on the job understanding and partnering with hundreds of other businesses and organizations just like yours. We have faced many of the issues you are dealing with and been successful in resolving them.

We know that many decision makers often do not have anyone to whom they can "unload" their thoughts and frustrations. Many of our clients do not want to share their thinking with associates nor do they want to take their frustrations home at the end of the day. We are not only coaches, we are mentors, confidants and excellent listeners. Being non-judgmental allows us to help you focus without us being critical. Our confidentially is paramount in our relationships as both your personal and business coaches.

Making business fun for you is a major endeavor on our part. Many clients have confessed that they were "ready to throw in the towel; that just coming to work was an effort." Today they are enjoying a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

A frequent comment we hear is "by the time I tell them how to do it one more time, I could have done it myself." Delegation is an art and expectations are a must. Without either you will most often fall victim to the "monkey theory." Your associate comes to you with a monkey on his/her back and when they leave you have their monkey. Carrying monkeys around all day can wear you out. This too can be resolved!

Closely held and family owned businesses should be able "to have their cake and eat it too." We can show you how to do this… and it's not fattening.

Do you sometimes feel as if you are a fireman? Putting out fires becomes part of the culture of the business and wasted effort is used to improve fire fighting skills. Attention should be devoted to learning how to eliminate the fires before they ignite. Creating a proactive culture is much more rewarding than living in a reactive environment.

Remember the last vacation you had? (Assuming you had the time to take one.) Consider the fact that you may have spent more time planning that vacation than you take in planning for your business. Enjoying the vacation only happens when you enjoy the whole process involved in reaching your destination. The same is true with businesses.

The programs and services listed are all designed to address these issues as well as others that you may individually have.

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"Time is the most important investment I can make. The time my team spent with The Next Level has been our singular best investment. Al Katz and "THE PROCESS" have provided invaluable training and leadership which has already shown benefit to our bottom line."

– Michael P. Murphy, CEO, Global Building Solutions, Charleston, SC

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