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Executive Management

Few owners and principals have the time to manage all aspects of their business. The smaller businesses often have more difficulty in developing their executives, managers and supervisors than their larger counterparts. Too many times the owner and/or principal assume that if they understand a problem and they can handle it then their staff should be able to accomplish the same. This is rarely the case and the question posed is, “Why does my staff have such difficulty with things I can do in my sleep? I am paying good salaries for them to perform.” In reality, many companies continue to pay their managers and even give them annual raises for mediocre performances. The behavior that is being rewarded is the perpetuation of mediocrity.

In our fifty-plus years of experience in partnering with all size companies in numerous industries there are very few companies or organizations that have maximized their human resources. Rather than improving existing staff they will typically hire more and the problems continue and the headaches worsen. Leaders and leadership skills can be developed.

Learn how to maximize the most important resource any company or organization has-its people.

Family Business Coaching

Most businesses are challenging—family owned and/or operated ones are even more challenging and a great deal more complicated. Sitting around the dining room table is NOT the same as sitting around the board room table. Succession issues are difficult with all generations and can lead to disaster after many years of “working without planning.”

“The fruits of our labors just rotted, years were wasted by just putting things off.”
"Can all family members be treated equally?"
"How do we resolve the issues between family and non-family associates?"
"How do we resolve conflicts?"
"How do we build a family team?"

These are only a few of the many questions all businesses struggle with, but these are often more significant in family businesses. Having grown up in a family business we have a different perspective and can successfully address these concerns.

Business statistics show that the success rate and even survival of second and third generation businesses trends downward dramatically. Don't be one of these negative statistics.


"Al's insight and business knowledge have proved invaluable to my growth, both personally and professionally. Al isn't your typical "business consultant." He's really a personal coach who, first, helps you discover the best within yourself. Then he helps you develop the tools to take your business to the next level."

– Pierre Manigault, Chairman of the Board, Charleston Post and Courier

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