Taking my Own Advice

A few months ago as I was talking with a client about the challenges we all are facing with this economy. I explained to him that I was taking my own advice and making dramatic changes in my business model.
The driving force for his business as well as all others is meeting and exceeding the customers’ needs. With the impact the recession is having on businesses, the people leading their organizations must adapt to the changing needs of those they serve. Recognizing changing demands and adjusting the business to meet them is the highest priority of any business that wants to not only survive but prosper in these trying times.
The services I offered and the fees charged worked well for many years, but as the economy tightened I needed to respond and respond quickly to my existing and new clients. I reexamined the services that I had been providing and modified my fee structure. Additional services were called for and flexibility with my fees and payment plans were made.
These simple adjustments led to more business opportunities and widened my client base. Being open to change and actually embracing it has enabled me to meet and coach new individuals and impact their businesses.
The result is the launching of my new web site, www.yournextlevel.net , accomplished with the help and support of Ron Small owner of Maxx Marketing, Inc. headquartered in Charleston, SC and Robert Velarde of TWIF, Inc located in Summerville, SC.
New and expanded services include a variety of coaching experiences, Executive Retreats held in Charleston, as well as coaching students, recent graduates and older individuals to find jobs. Free downloads of my book, A Journey with Mac – Rediscovering the Fundamentals of Business., and fifteen minute complimentary telephone coaching sessions are offered to help potential clients get started and begin adapting a more positive attitude. Like Max Factor, the cosmetics icon, once said, “I sell hope.” I, too, want to be able to offer hope and inspiration that all of us need as we plow through this economic downturn.