Oh, By the Way College Senior’s its November…Do You Have a Job?

A student approached me after class today and with a panic in his voice said, “I don’t have a job. What should I do?” My business class is devoted entirely to relationship building and a significant portion is spent on networking. Classes started at the end of August and this student has been attending the classes but wasn’t listening to the discussions. Now panic sets in.

Unfortunately this encounter takes place far too often. Why? College is safe from the real world and breeds procrastination when it comes to planning a career. Years ago, I remember having the same uncomfortable thoughts and have devoted a great deal of my life working with students in career planning and helping them overcome their fear of “life after college.”

Most of us know what we do NOT want as a career. Professionals such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc. have a direction and follow a curriculum that supports those careers. But what about the business major or liberal arts major?

Here are some ideas to get you started in planning your career choices.

1. List on paper your likes and dislikes regarding career choices.
2. Place the positive choices in priority
3. Research the opportunities in these fields
4. Locate a mentor to support your efforts
5. Create a resume that “separates you from the pack”
6. Learn the techniques of networking and creating “centers of influences”
7. And most of all don’t procrastinate!

These steps, if done diligently, will focus you and should create a proactive attitude for this most important step in your life. If you want some help give me a call. I’ve had lots of success in helping young folks bridge the gap between the college dorm and the business world. Its six months until graduation and the odds of securing a job are NOT in your favor in our current economic downturn.