Article in The Post and Courier Newspaper

I was very honored to be featured on the High Profile page in the Post and Courier issue dated November 7, 2009. It was my testimony of the impact The Citadel had on my life and in turn the lives of others. Lately, the institution has had a few unfavorable articles written and it was refreshing to see the positive side of the school emphasized in the story.

I want to thank all my clients and referral networks for giving me the opportunity to be selected. You can read the story by clicking on the link

For all of you connected in any way with The Citadel you can rest assured that the institution is in very capable hands and is turning out fine young leaders who will shape our world tomorrow. The traditions of the Honor Court, the leadership lab (life in the barracks) and the striving for excellence are being well maintained. The long grey line continues to grow strong, continuing the life cycle beginning with the student/leader maturing into business, professional, the arts and military positions all over the globe.

I wear the ring and am so very proud to say I do.